Our Ministries

Nursery                                                                                                                       Our nursery is available for ages 0-3.  The nursery is located in the rear across from the felowship hall.  We have a great nursery staff dedicated to assist you.

Kingdom Kids Children's Ministry and Outreach                                                           We have children's training on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings for ages 4-11 yrs of age. It is a class that teaches them the Bible in a fun, active way on their level making it easy to understand and for them to remember the lessons. Our children are included in our morning worship service and we have plans for an inner city outreach in the near future!

Altared for His Kingdom Youth/Student Ministries                                                          Is for ages 12 -18. They are taught the Word of God and how to apply it to their everyday life. They are slo taught how to pray, be discipled, and are encouraged to build a strong relationship with Christ.  Our youth is active and on FIRE for God while participating in Winterfest, Church Camp, Drama, local and world Missions.    

Kingdom Light Krusaders                                                                                               Is our blacklight and drama team for ages 12 and up. We minister by using a variety of different things such interpretational dance, sign language, puppets, skits, dramas, and plays to minister not our to our church members, but at different churches or events around us. We are shining His Light to expose the darkness in this lost and dying world!       

Outreach Ministry                                                                                                      This ministry involves the Prison/Jail ministry, Visitation, Telephone, Nursing Home, and targeted efforts of Evangelism and soul winning.

Women's Ministry                                                                                                   Through this ministry we promote the unity of our ladies utilizing their strengths to promote the general welfare of our church.  In addition to raising money for special projects, we also come together for outreach ministries.

Campfire Brotherhood (Men's Fellowship)                                                                      The main emphasis of this ministry is to strenghthen the men of the church to be godly leaders both at church and at home.  This ministry meets every 6 weeks for a time of devotion and the planning of events.  Come with an appetite and losen your belt.  Get ready to feast on the word of God, a good meal and wonderful fellowship!

Music Ministry                                                                                                               Our music ministry is Spirit-led and annointed. Our atmosphere of worship is filled with grace, joy, and power. If your heart is open, you will be ushered into the presence of God. 

PrayerForce-War Room Prayer Meetings                                                                         We have some great "Prayer Warriors" who gather on the first Tuesday night of each month at 7pm to pray for the local church, lost loved ones, community, and leaders. We pray specifically against satan, his kingdom, and tactics. We are taking God's Kingdom back by force! We have found at our church, "Prayer DOES change everything."

Ministry of Hospitaliy                                                                                                     Our desire is to cause all those who come through our doors to sense the love and grace of God. Our hope is that all those who exit, leave with a positive impression and experience that will enrich their lives and change them for the better. What we do in this ministry is genuine and deliberate. We take no one for granted: members or newcomers.