Mission & Vision Statement


 Our Mission


Spring City Church of God is involved in the purpose of reaching, restoring, and helping people into the kingdom of God, sharing the fact that they can have eternal life. We are committed to reaching, not only in Spring City and the surrounding communities, but into the world sharing the gospel, equipping the saints, encouraging the community, and exhorting the Gospel, both individually and corporately, exercising the gifts that God has given us, as we are led by the Holy Spirit; in short BRINGING THEM HOME! (Matthew 28:19; The book of Acts)

 This mission is fulfilled completely and exclusively through our faith in Jesus Christ and what He did at the cross.    


 Our Vision

Our vision is to become a modern picture of the
New Testament Church by Becoming the following things:

   * A Healthly Church both Spiritually & Socially as it pleases Christ.

    * Unified as believers to fulfill the Great Commission.

     * A Powerful Church operating under the leadership and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our Focus is on "Being", rather than "Doing"!



Our goals are based on using the acronym below: 

* Leading others to Christ
*Involving each member in ministry
* Finding and fulfilling needs
*Excitement in true worship